About Me


my name is Reto and I studied Business Innovation at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland - actually, this website emerged as part of my master thesis. Beyond that, I have a background as founder and intrapreneur.


With this free toolbox I want to empower founders all over the world and contribute to the global startup movement which is taking place right now. I hope that the free tool library helps you to build up your sustainable business models faster and by producing less waste.


The master thesis and project is supervised by Prof. Dr. Tomas Casas i Klett at the FIM-HSG (http://www.fim.unisg.ch)


Don't hesitate to contact me and share your story!






The Story

Once upon a time startup founders used to...

...write endless business plans out of imagination

...conduct extensive market research from a desk chair

...talk to investors before they understood their customers problems

...build everything at once isolated from the world

...fail because they built something nobody wanted


Today we know better!


The area of the internet together with all the mindblowing works about bootstrapping, growth hacking, lean startup and many more inspiring and empowering concepts changed the way we build startups today!



What was missing till today: an extensive and powerfull repository of free, helpful and ready to use startup resources to help founders and entrepreneurs around the globe to craft a sustainable business model (or short: The Startup Sequence)