SCALE turn your growth engine on

After having identified a big enough problem and created a product people love, the third phase is about attracting more customers and building virality into your product. Further it's about financing the growth by attracting external investors.

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craft a well thought-out expansion strategy

By now, you have reached product-market-fit and it's time to figure out a strategy to conquer the mass market.

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get external funding to pay for the expansion

thoroughly assess wheater you need to get external funding or not - if you do, now is the right time: your targets are aligned with those of potential investors and are to scale your venture.

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design, test and hack your unique growth engine

Figure out how you can grow your audience by optimizing your growth engine, building virality into your product, refining your positioning and creating kick-ass and marketing stunts.

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create an efficient internal infrastructure

Your business and workforce is growing - make sure your internal infrustructure is ready to grow with them. Think about collaboration and productivity tools to support your growth.

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make sure that your support processes run smoothly

By now, your focus most likely is on creating an awesome product and some marketing magic, but don't forget to put an eye on topics like HR, Accounting and Legal.

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browse great content from the global startup community

What a great time to start and grow your venture! Find some awesome startup ressources provided by a vivid global community of entrepreneurs.

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