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Find the right deals for your startup and choose from a wide list of exclusive and attractive startup offers worth more than USD 500 Million.


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Startup Explore


Choose from a few, handpicked, attractive and exclusive offers for startups - all from top companies.


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Another source of attractive offers, worth checking out before you buy a solution/ tool for your startup.


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Founders Kit


Like the previous 3 excamples, Founders Kit negotiated awesome deals for startups - check it out!


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Get Startup Tools


Last but not least: Get Startup Tools - another great repository, providing you with awesome startup deals.


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Great Fucking Startup Advice


Struggling with something and desperatly looking for an advice? Check out this fun-advice-page: it might help you but definitly make you smile :-)


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How to Build a Startup - The Lean Launchpad


A free online course which teaches you everything you need to know about building a lean startup - teached by the grandmaster Steve Blank himself.


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96 Startup and Life Tips for Entrepreneurs


Probably the most awesome slidedesk for entrepreneurs out there - get valuable advices and tips which will help you on your journey!


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Your First Startup


23 slides which will remind you on the crucial points along your startup journey, read through them and reflect jour business practices - but check it out yourself!


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10 Steps to Product Market Fit


A great presentation by Ash Maurya, author of running lean and scaling lean, which sumarizes the key concepts of building a successful startup very well.


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