SELL make something people love

The second phase is about maximizing your learning by creating a minimal viable product and selling it to actual customers. It's about creating a small but returning customer base who loves your product as much as you do.

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make your first financial projections

Look at your financial figures early enough and make sure you don't run out of money before you have a market ready product (don't bother with a bullet-proofed financial plan at this time).

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create a minimum viable product

By creating a product which is limited to its core functionality, you can verifying whether it provides an added value or not: if it does, you'll find paying customers for your MVP!

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test your early users reactions and behaviors

Understand how your early users interact with your product. Create and test hypothesis about the user behavior and find out what they like most.

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optimize and streamline your development process

Focus on the right features at the right time and start to use agil development methods to be able to constantly develop and test new features.

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align your sales organization and approach

Make sure you don't only charge from day one, but also properly manage your customer contacts from the beginning.

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make customers come back for more

Start to monitor your key metrics and build up a first metrics dashboard. Focus on retention at this point - If customers come back, it means they love your product!

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build up the base for your marketing campaign

Start to plan your marketing content and test different channels such as social media or email marketing.

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find the right pricing strategy

Pricing a startup product right is a hard task and worth some deeper thinking. Start with a pricing hypothesis and test it with real customers.

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