test your early users reactions and behaviors

Understand how your early users interact with your product. Create and test hypothesis about the user behavior and find out what they like most.



Optimizely makes it easy for you to create and test different versions of your website and find out what works best - no coding required at all.


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Google Content Experiements


If you are using Google Analytics, you can use Google Content Experiements to test different website designs and find out what's liked most by your customers.


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Different, easy and fast to perform tests which provide you with real user data and help you make the right decisions.


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Upload screenshots, wireframes and scetches, create a task (e.g. where would you click?) and send them to your testers to get useful feedback.


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User Heat


Get heatmaps of your website and find out what your customers look at and where they click most.


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Similar to User Heat, you can get heatmaps of your website, additional you can analyse where your customers drop out and how they interact with forms.


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Hotjar goes a little further than User Heath and mouseflow and provides you with additional features like user session recording and integrated feedback polls.


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HeatMap takes a slightly different approach then the other heatmap tools introduced: it provides you with real time data direct on your website.


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Get eye-tracking-, click- and scroll heatmap as well as recordings of how your customers interact with your website


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Other focus areas within the SELL phase of your Startup

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