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How to Kanban (with Trello)


This is a very nice post which gives an introduction to Kanban and helps Startups get started. The post focusses on Trello but works with Kanbanachi alike.


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An easy to organize online board which can help you to structure your feature roadmap and implement a Kanban board (or any other type of board).


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Very similar to Trello, Kanbanachi allows you to structure your Kanban board in a visual way, online. Further it integrates very well with Google Drive.


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Kano Model Analysis


Two simple questions which help to focus on the right features by determine which feature fulfills a basic need/ creates satisfaction/ leads to excitement.


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Buy a Feature


Involve your customers in a fictive game, where they have to buy the individual features of your products - one by one. The results will help you prioritize right.


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Speed Boat


Speed Boat is another game (again played with some of your customers) and will help you to identify adoption hurdels and complains.


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5 Whys Analysis


A simple and useful tool to get to the root cause of a problem. If implemented, this methodology is an asset for every product development unit (if not any unit!).


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Other focus areas within the SELL phase of your Startup

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