create a minimum viable product

By creating a product which is limited to its core functionality, you can verifying whether it provides an added value or not: if it does, you'll find paying customers for your MVP!

7 Successful MVP's


First, get some inspiration: find out how successful companies like Dropbox or Zappos have tested their initial offer. Get to know different MVP strategies.


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A good help to find out whether customers would pay for your product or not, is to launch a Kickstarter campaign and get some pre-investment from strangers.


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Indiegogo is a second well known crowdsourcing platform and very similar to Kickstarter - you might want to look in which portfolio your product better fits.


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Letter of Intent Templates


A letter of intent is a good way to get a strong signal (way stronger than a simple yes) about whether a customer is likely to sign up, once your product is ready.


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Google AdWords


Create a fictive Ad, linking to your landing page and describing your product - are customers interested and click on the Ad (or even sign up on your page)?


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facebook Ads


Similar to Google AdWords, facebook Ads can help you to test if there are customers out there who are interested in your solution.


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Like ClickMeter, Linktrack allows you to create trackable links and meassure the customers actions.


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Google URL Builder


If you're working with Google Analytics, the URL Builder from Google helps you to simply create trackable links and monitore them in your Google Analytics account.


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Probably the easiest and fastest link tracker out there, post in your long link and directly get it shortened and ready to post and meassure.


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A tool to create and track unique links. Distribute them to customer groups or use them in ads or campaigns to find out what is of most interest to customers.


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Build a free landing page or website - choose from many templates or use the easy to use, drag and drop page editor.


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A feature-rich website builder which lets you create your own website by dragging and dropping elements - choose from a lot of awesome templates.


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Another great tool to create good loking and fully functional websites without prior coding skills.


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Other focus areas within the SELL phase of your Startup

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