find the right pricing strategy

Pricing a startup product right is a hard task and worth some deeper thinking. Start with a pricing hypothesis and test it with real customers.

The Price Sensitivity Meter


An easy to use methodology to determine your product price by asking a few of your potential customers 4 simple questions.


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The Price Corridor of the Mass


Determin the price at which you can attract the mass market by looking at similar products (same form/ same function/ same object).


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The Strategic Sequence


Learn how the different factors have to play together: start with the customer value, set a strategic price, deliver on cost and overcome adoption hurdles.


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Pricing Guide (incl. a Pricing Worksheet)


The Pricing guide by Sequoia Capital provides some deep insights into startup best practices and comes with a very useful pricing worksheet for your startup.


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7 Factors to Consider when Pricing Your Startup's Product


Read through this guide by a seasoned venture capitalist to make sure you don't forget the most important variables when pricing your product.


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10 Pricing Models for Startups


Click through the slide show to get your pricing strategy started: get to know 10 different pricing models for startups.


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Other focus areas within the SELL phase of your Startup

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