make customers come back for more

Start to monitor your key metrics and build up a first metrics dashboard. Focus on retention at this point - If customers come back, it means they love your product!

Actionable Metrics in a Lean Startup


Ash Maurya gives an introduction to Lean Startup Metrics and explains why Retention is the most important metric before Product/Market Fit.


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Sean Ellis Test (


The Sean Ellis Test is a very simple method to meassure whether you have reached Product/Market Fit and are ready to move on to the Scale phase.


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Customer Acquisition Costs vs. Customer Lifetime Value


CAC and CLV are two wide spread terms in the Startup world and every entrepreneur should get familiar with those terms.


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Cohort Analysis 101


It's very important for entrepreneurs to understand what good metrics are - the Cohort Analysis 101 is a good way to get started.


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Cohort Analysis Template


Christoph Janz created a very useful Cohort Analysis Excel Template which can be downloaded for free.


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Google Analytics, About Cohorts


If you have a Google Analytics account you can set up simple Cohort Analysis from within your GA interface - learn how.


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Clicky is an easy to set up Google Analytics alternative which sets itself apart by fully focussing on real-time date.


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Another Google Analytics substitute which allows you to easily set up powerful retention cohorts.


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A very simple to setup all-in-one dashboard: connect your applications (Google Analytics, MailChimp, Twitter, etc.) and create personalized insights.


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Similar to Dasheroo, Cyfe lets you setup a fully customized dashboard with insights into your business applications.


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Get valuable feedback from your website visitors - direct and straight forward, from desktop and mobile users.


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Google Customer Satisfaction Survey


Use the Google Customer Satisfaction Survey to get valuable feedback from your website visitors. Simply add it to your page and define which customers to ask.


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The best known, free Survey tool out there! Create your own customer survey, shar it with your audience and get valuable feedback.


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Tired of SurveyMonkey questionnaires? Consider using Typeform - a very appealing survey tool, created to impress your audience.


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Other focus areas within the SELL phase of your Startup

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