align your sales organization and approach

Make sure you don't only charge from day one, but also properly manage your customer contacts from the beginning.

Charge From Day One


The article covers 4 good reasons why it is important to charge from day one. After all, it's just the best possible validation, whether your product delivers value.


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The HubSpot CRM is amazingly powerful, feature-rich and completly free of charge (unlimited users, unlimited usage, unlimited data).


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A very powerfull CRM tool which provides a lot of features and is free forever for up to ten users.


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Bitrix 24 offers a wide range of functionality and is a all-in-one collaboration suite. Interesting at this point is the CRM with its extensive feature set.


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A very useful Gmail ad-on which brings your CRM directly into your inbox - if you use Gmail and wnat to get started wit a CRM, check it out!


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Other focus areas within the SELL phase of your Startup

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