design a "ready-to-test" business model

Look at your idea from different angles and create a hypothetical model of how everything plays together. Test, prove or refine the different assumptions along your startup journey.

Validation Board


The Validation Board by Javelin helps you to pivot towards your business model by testing you assumptions - one by one, starting with the riskiest.


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Lean Canvas


A concise one-page business model template optimized for startup and early stage innovation projects.


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Business Model Toolkit


A visual toolkit containing different building blocks that help you map your business model and revenue streams.


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55 Patterns of Business Innovation


The 55 Patterns work as a source of inspiration to innovate your business model. They are based on extensive research with innovative companies.


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Business Model Canvas


A one-page business model that works for companies of all size and industries. The Canvas is well known and often used.


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6 Paths Framework


Use the 6 Paths to challenge your business model and to identify new ways to innovate and differentiate.


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Business Model Assessment


Assess your Business Model top find out wheather you are ready to enter the LEARN phase or wheather you still have to work on it.


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Value Proposition Assessment


Despite your business model, your Value Proposition is a central element of your early stage company and needs t be assessed to continue to the LEARN phase.


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Startup Scorecard


If you came up with different business models by now, this Scorecard can help you to decide with which one to continue.


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Business Model Scorecard


A self-guided, visual tool to iterate towards a viable business model. Compared to the Business Model Canvas, its focus is more on getting you to act.


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Other focus areas within the START phase of your Startup

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