know your competitors

Don't get obsessed by what your competitors are doing but quickly scan how their solutions look like and what their rough figures are.

Strategy Canvas


Helps to define your divergence strategy and to find ways to leave the competition behind by changing competing factors (raise, create, reduce, eliminate).


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An easy to use tool, to analyse your competitors web presence (organic search, paid search, backlinks, ad words, keywords and much more).


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Find out more about your competitors website (where are the visitors coming from, what are their demographics, etc.). 


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Get insights about your competitors websites and apps. See where traffic is comming from, how there social media accounts are doing and much more.


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Google Alerts


Get allerts when something about your competitors is published on the web - you can also follow mor especific or general topics.


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Get an indeep understanding of your competitors SEO, Keywords and Ad Words performance.


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fanpage Karma


Find out how your competitors are performing on social media. Get insights in their strategies and what works or doesn't work.


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Find out everything about your competitors traffic partners - who is linking to their page and how.


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SurveyMonkey Intelligence


Want to find out how your competitors apps are performing (monthly download and active users, demographics and much more)? Here you go!


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Other focus areas within the START phase of your Startup

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