identify and understand your early customers

At the very beginning, your product won't get mass-market acceptance right away. This is why you have to find your early customers, which believe in your solution and have special needs.

Characteristics of Earlyvangelists


Identify your Earlyvangelistst: customers who see the true potential of your product way ahead of others and possess the needed budget for a purchase.

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3 Tiers of Noncustomers


By looking at the communalities among the Noncustomers of an industry, new and untasted market potential can be found.


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Groundrules for Interviewing


Customer Interviews are one of the (if not the) most effective means to get to know your customers. Most of the time, a handful is enough.


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Empathy Map


Empathy maps are used to understand the users needs and are well known in the field of user centric design.


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Customer personas help you understand your customers and get a shared understanding of the needs, likes and characteristics of target customers.


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Buying Center Roles


In B2B but also complex B2C sales, it's worth taking a look at all the peoples/ roles involved in the buying process - here the Buying Cycle can help.


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Customer Web Influence Map


The online tool from Google helps you to identify which channel influences your target customer the most along his decision process.


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Customer Journey Canvas


Analysisng the Users Journey and the happyness along his Journey (including the buying process) helps you to uncover unmet customer value.


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Value Proposition Canvas


The tool from the Business Model Canvas founders helps you to understand your customers. Further it helps you to priotize, analyse and align product features.


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Product Box


A methodology to understand your customers problems by letting them prototype their desired product and promote it in front of other customers.


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Jobs to be done


Watch this YouTube video to get started with the jobs-to-be-done concept and understand how to design a product which matches customer needs.


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Other focus areas within the START phase of your Startup

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