present your business model to stakeholders

When you're starting your own company, soon many stakeholders will be involved and you will constantly tell your story. Make yourselves a favor and prepare your pitch!

10 Slides Pitch


Guy Kawasaki, a well known startup advisor idetified the 10 slides to make a perfect startup pitch.


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Get the one-sentence pitch right! The first sentence of every pitch is crucial, Mad Libs help you to get it right.


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A good help to structure your pitch and focus onto the most important aspects, the NABC's: Need, Approach, Benefit, Competition.

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Elevator Pitch


Learn how to write an Elevator Pitch and be always prepared to describe in a concise way, what your company is about (e.g. on an elevator ride).


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Pecha Kucha


A movement with events all over the world and a unique and fun presentation style: 20 slides, each for 20 seconds - perfect to get exposure and feedback.


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Need some help to write your first pitch? Choose from a variety of great templates and start to formulate your pitch right away.


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Other focus areas within the START phase of your Startup

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