form a high performing team, built on mutual trust


The first and probably most critical question for a founder is how to stuff his team - which skills, which characteristics, which personalities, etc. Take your time for this decision!

Team Canvas


The Business Model Canvas for teamwork: Organize team alignment, bring members on the same page, resolve conflicts and build a productive culture, fast.


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Team Trust Canvas


Build a discussion around trust in teams and generate new rules or agreements in your team.


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Team Charter Canvas


Reflect deeply about your teamwork and team culture and chart the main directive of your team.


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Lean Team Canvas


A team management methodology for startup teams facing extreme uncertainty, minimal resources and a lack of experience.


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Team Development


Thoroughly think through the talent requirements needed to start and build your new company.


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Startup Jobs by AngelList


Staff your team, search for an entrepreneurial co-founder or employee. AngelList is a global startup job portal.


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Other focus areas within the START phase of your Startup

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